SachemXT Deck

  • SachemXT Deck
  • SachemXT Deck
  • SachemXT Deck
  • SachemXT Deck

The Sachem XT features a new light weight 83-degree extruded headtube that allows for maximum foot space and crook/noseblunt room. The dropouts are angled cut with optional square plugs (5.6” deck). The deck is surprisingly light but exceptionally strong and is designed to withstand the heaviest of riding. The balanced feeling of the deck makes for a comfortable cruise no matter what terrain you choose.


NEW extruded & welded headtube
15 mm more space between front wheel & the deck
Increased foot space
Angled Dropouts
Optional square aluminum plugs for boxed shape
83 headtube angle
Perfectly balanced
Double fender
30 mm wheel compatible


Sachem XT, 4.8" x 20.5” (122 x 520 mm), 3.39 lbs., 1.5 kg

Sachem XT, 5.6" x 21.5” (142 x 546 mm), 3.99 lbs., 1.8 kg